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97% of People Struggle Financially... Why??

What is the difference between the Rich and the Poor? How is it that one person can enjoy a life of abundance, whereas another can barely manage to cover their basic living expenses from one week to the next?

What if the answer to this was so incredibly simple, that most people would automatically overlook it (maybe because they are conditioned to believe that life works a certain way)?

Perhaps the following statement could give a hint as to the answer:

"Most people are limited financially, because they don't know any better."

Think about it... Throughout their lives, every human being is continually under the influence of something or someone outside of themselves. For example, they are exposed to the local laws/customs, religions, school teachers, parents (and other relatives), friends, celebrities, the media, etc etc...

Is it fair to say that almost everyone creates the majority of their beliefs and values, based on the beliefs and values of others? In fact, isn't it true that compliance with the majority is not only considered "normal", it is actually very much encouraged by virtually all societies?

I am going to repeat myself:

97% of People Struggle Financially... Why??

Could it be that most people struggle financially because...
... Most people struggle financially!

That sounds a bit silly, doesn't it? Talk about stating the obvious!! Wink

Seriously, though, please take a moment to understand what I am trying to say...

If the majority of people are living their lives based predominantly on a lifetime of influence by everybody else, then the most likely outcome is that everybody will experience life in quite similar ways. Therefore, if most people struggle financially, then this is the most likely outcome for all people!

So, what exactly is the difference between the Rich and the Poor? I would like to suggest the following two points have a lot to do with the answer:

  • Having useful knowledge; and

  • The ability to act independantly of other people's opinions.

That's it, very simple indeed! It's almost boring when I put it that way, isn't it?

The interesting thing about both of these traits ("Knowledge" and "Independant Action") is that one naturally supports the other. Allow me to explain...

Without personal knowledge, your only available choice is to listen to the opinion of others. As I have stated already, this means that you will have a 97% chance of hearing advice and opinions that can only lead to you struggling financially.

On the other hand, once you have sufficient knowledge, it will make complete sense to you to take independant action whenever you need to make a decision that will affect you (this applies not only to financial decisions, but to all areas of your life).

Now we are really starting to see answers to the questions I asked above...

Quite simply, the difference between the Rich and the Poor is that when the Rich need to increase their knowledge, they don't listen to the opinions of the 97% of everyday people. They seek out one or more people within the remaining 3%, that are already achieving positive results in the subject area of interest to them. The Rich learn from those that are already successful, for they are the ones that have the necessary knowledge and wisdom.

Sadly, the Poor tend to only receive advice from others who are also poor. If, by chance, a poor person receives the advice of a rich person, then the poor person will often find that fear quickly stops them from taking positive action. Afterall, the poor person will have many more poor friends than rich friends, and it can take a lot of courage to maintain a different view to almost everyone else around you.

I believe that it is possible, however, for absolutely anyone (no matter what life situation they currently find themselves in) to get to a point where they begin questioning whether the way they are living their life is truly making them happy and allowing them to achieve the results they desire... When this happens, I believe that it is very possible for such a person to begin the transition from "poor" to "rich" (i.e. successful), providing they have access to one or more successful people as a source of quality knowledge and inspiration.

These successful people are able to act as Mentors, gently guiding the person into a broader understanding of what is possible, whilst simultaneously increasing their knowledge in empowering ways.

Mentoring can occur in many different ways, for example one of my first Mentors came to me in the form of a book that I purchased back in 1992. It was called "Building Wealth Through Investment Property", by Jan Somers. At the time, I didn't get to meet my Mentor in person, nor speak with her on the phone or correspond in any way at all for that matter. However, this book gave me the seed of knowledge that I needed at the time, and definitely put me on the right path to becoming a successful investor.

Whilst having the ability to actually communicate with a Mentor is ideal, there are so many other ways that a Mentor can offer assistance to those that are ready and willing. I have already mentioned books, although some Mentors will also share their knowledge via audio recordings (such as CD's or Tapes), video recordings and sometimes talk at live seminars.

When you find a Mentor that you feel comfortable with and trust, this can be one of the single biggest boosts in helping you to create and achieve your goals. Some Mentors are very much specialists in particular areas, such as a certain type of property investing, finance, taxation laws, self development, or ways to make money via the sharemarket for example. Others have a more balanced approach, blending many areas together in a synergistic way. Some Mentors only need to utter a sentence or two, and that is enough to push you through a block of some kind and allow you to make progress. There are also Mentors that may remain available to assist you for many years to come...

Do you have a Mentor? Is your Mentor already successful in the areas of interest to you?

In case you haven't already achieved all of your goals, you might be interested in knowing that I have created a small selection of products (some of which are free!) which have been extremely helpful to a lot of people interested in improving their financial situation.

I am described by many as a successful investor, and I certainly don't fit into the 97% of "normal" people, as I retired from full-time work when I was just 29 years old (despite growing up in a poor family). Since this time, I have lived comfortably off the profits that I have made from my investments. I also still continue to invest, building more wealth over time. I am passionate about investing, and very much enjoy sharing my knowledge with other interested people. Maybe you would be curious to hear more about how I could retire at such a young age, or what sort of investments I've had the best success with?

Hopefully you noticed the following sentence in the picture right at the top of this page:

"Would Your Outlook Be Any Different... If You Had More Money?"

I actually wrote the words in the wrong order! This is what I meant to say:
"Would You Have More Money... If You Had A Different Outlook?"

As previously mentioned, "Knowledge" plus "Independant Action" are essential to achieving success. I would also like to add that your "Mindset" is an extremely important factor in allowing you to achieve the results you seek. Your mindset can gradually change over time with increased knowledge, however it can be one of the reasons that you find yourself not taking independant action or perhaps making bad decisions and taking the wrong action. If you find that you seem to be "unlucky" more often than most, then this can be an outward sign of a mindset that is working against you.

If you are interested in how I might be able to help you achieve your goals (or even help you with creating them, if you are not exactly sure what you want as yet), or if you just want to find out more about me, I welcome you to take advantage of any of the following resources that I offer:
  • An Online Australian Forum, "Doorways to Wealth, Health and Happiness".

  • A comprehensive EBook, all about trading Options on Australian Shares.

  • A DVD recording of a 3hr live "Information Event" that I spoke at,
    covering many useful investment-related topics (inc. Property Development!).

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this. I wish you every success and look forward to assisting you with expanding your knowledge and achieving your goals... Very Happy!

Warm Regards,

Jason (Synapse) - Experienced Australian Investor in Property, Shares and Options
Jason (also known as "Synapse" in my Forum).
(Experienced Australian Investor in Property, Shares and Options)

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